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Position as one of India's leading innovation and business platform for the stationery and gifting sector emphatically underscored-once again some 15,000 visitors from around the country flocked to ITSmart Expo in Ahmedabad - exhibitors praise strong national presence.

The inaugural ITSmart Expo, which ended on 11th Dec 2016 was a great success. Some 15,000 visitors from more than 10 states experienced a trade fair that presented a rarely seen image of success and freshness. Stationery, Corporate gifting, It products, pens, diaries etc supplemented the diverse array of the stationery and gifting industry offering and proved that stationery and gifting is very much on trade.

The unanimous opinion on the stands was that ITSmart Expo 2016 will exert a strong forerunner effect. The industry will now benefit from the fact that ITSmart Expo will constantly embrace trend topics and developed product segments so that it constantly reflects the current market situation. This is also evident from the number of companies making their début appearance at the inaugural fair. More than 90 exhibitors marked their presence in the show, which included such well-known companies as Camlin-Kokuyo, Linc-Uniball Pen, Kores, Anupam, Vision Notebook, Epson, AGS, Apsara Gifts, Kangaro and many more.

90 companies across the country participated in ITSmart Expo 2016, 68 % of them were multinational. Including the estimates for the last day of the fair, around 15,000 visitors from more than 10 states came to ITSmart Expo 2016.

ITSmart Expo will simply be indispensable for the trade. It will be the most ideal ordering and information platform.

The next ITSMART EXPO 2017 - World of IT Stationery and Gifting - will take place from – 15 to 17 December 2017 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

So Get ready to join us at ITSmart Expo 2017.....!

Excellent value-for-money experience

Exhibitors and visitors can expect more than budget-friendly offers only at the actual expo: the overall environment is an added plus. Gujarat is fastest growing markets in any business segment.

Meeting point for the industry

As a noble expo for all things paper, office and stationery, ITSmart Expo pairs brand manufacturers with small and medium-sized businesses, to create a unique presentation platform for office, school & hobby needs.

Feeling for trends / Perfect timing

ITSmart Expo does up traditions, captures today’s enthusiasm and skill fully turns the spotlight on the industry’s trends and impulse drivers. ITSmart Expo will premier in December 2017 – which fits in perfectly with the industry’s business agenda.

Quality from the trade fair and industry professional

A multitude of ideas prompted by the sector combined with our experience as a trade fair organizer is a sure recipe of success for organisers professional experience, ITSmart Expo, which is tuned to perfection to the needs of its visitors and exhibitors alike.

Our Team

Jagdish Prajapati Itsmart Expo

Jagdish Prajapati (Director) , ITSMart Expo LLP

A Satisfied client brings success together.

Sailesh Ladani (Director) , ITSMart Expo LLP

As the Stationery market is expanding at a large scale in India, ITSMART Expo is a good platform for us to showcase our products. We have received overwhelming response from the visitors, we are planning to expand our booth area in the next edition.

Suryavilas Dulera (Director) , ITSMart Expo LLP

Become a person who can bring success to others.
This is the path to your success as well.

Premal Mehta (Director) , ITSMart Expo LLP

Become a person who can bring success to others.
This is the path to your success as well.

Association & Partners

With the industry’s major brand manufacturers, ITSmart Expo is not just aimed to be the largest market place of the sector, it is also going to be a trendsetter, knowledge-platform and never-ending source of inspiration for the wholesalers and retailers as well as corporate buyers.

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